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Lead Generation for Pro's

You deserve more in your real estate career… more listings, more buyers, and more closings. You deserve a business model that produces consistent, predictable results. But how do you create a steady stream of seller leads without investing thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time?   

The answer is to focus your time and attention on a never ending stream of sellers that are ready to do business NOW! For many successful real estate agents the solution is to focus on expired listings. What makes expired listings so attractive?     

  • Expired Sellers have already decided to sell! 
  • Expired Sellers have already “tested” the market!
  • Expired Sellers are ready for honest answers!   
Yes, expired sellers have already been “on the market” but now many of those same sellers are anxious, even desperate to sell and sell fast! Because of this many frustrated sellers are ready for honest answers about pricing, positioning their product to sell, and working with an agent who has an aggressive marketing plan. 

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Real Estate Data X-Change, Inc. and Expired Listing Guru - Jim Remley have partnered together to provide you with prospecting tools to turn your expired listings into leads helping you make more money in real estate!

REDX is a leading technology and service provider for real estate professionals. The REDX has designed powerful tools to help you manage your expired and FSBO leads. Focus your efforts on growing your real estate business, not on researching for leads.

The REDX provides:

  • Expired leads
  • FSBO leads
  • Pre-Foreclosure leads
  • RolEDX lead manager
  • Free live technical support
  • Online resource center

Once you have successfully completed the signup process, you will receive via email your welcome letter which contains the instructions to get your expired and FSBO leads instantly!

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2015 Expired Listing Power Package
Today Only $49.00

The Expired Listing Power Package includes all the tools you need to begin targeting Expired Listings like a superstar. Completely customizable these documents are delivered in a Microsoft word format. Your order will arrive instantly in your inbox and you can begin working expireds immediately!  

Included in the Expired Listing Power Package:  

  • The Income Pipeline and Expired Listings
  • Business Model for Expired Listing Superstars
  • The Psychology of an Expired Listing Seller
  • Ten Master Level Questions
  • Tracking Down Contact Information
  • The Secret “Backdoor” to Expired Listings
  • Ten Expired Listing Phone Scripts
  • Knee Jerk Objection Handling
  • How to Deal with Emotional Sellers
  • Expired Listing Letter – Six Pack
  • 60 Day Drip Email/Letter Campaign
  • Ten Objection Handling Techniques
  • The Expired Listing Analysis
  • 25 Point Internet Marketing Plan
  • 30 Minute Call Back Guarantee
  • Seller Communication Checklist
  • Homeowner Homework
  • Direct Response Marketing Booklet
  • Seller Pledge – Easy Exit Listing  


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"I used the information provided by Expired Listing Guru.com to double my listing inventory in 90 days!" - Tony in San Jose, CA

"My sales had gone from bad to worse in 2009 and 2010 --- in the first six weeks of 2012 using Expired Listing Guru.com's easy to follow platform I already have four deals in escrow!" -
Shirley in Phoenix, AZ

"I paid thousands of dollars for stuff at seminars that made me nothing....for less than a single ad in the newspaper I was off and running using Expired Listing Guru.com's easy to implement strategies. This is a no brainer."
Todd in Seattle, WA

"Expired listings are now the key to my business. A year ago I would have told you that would be crazy but now I can't imagine not having a steady of stream of new sellers to talk to everyday. Expired Listing Guru.com changed my career, no, really, when I'm honest about it - it changed my life. You really need to take a look at the program." -
Craig in Orlando, FL

"I'm shy - I could never imagine "cold calling" but Expired Listing Guru.com gave me so many ideas, tools, and strategies to overcome my fears I couldn't wait to start talking to sellers. To my surprise I listed a house the first day I used the system!" - Janice Denver, CO
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